Our Story

How it all began:

''In a world where most of us is looking for progress and speed, we make it our mission to return to fascinating origins.''

Me, Meliha lived in Istanbul for over 4 years and during that time I made many trips through Turkey, where I got to know great and fascinating cities outside the metropolis. In 2018, my sister Judith and I came across an ancient city in Southeastern Anatolia and loved its history and tradition. We immediately fell in love with this ancient city because it seems that time has stopped here.

We invite you to travel back in time with us to the 6th century in one of the oldest regions of the world; that is, Southeastern Anatolia. We invite you more precisely to a city named Gaziantep where the story of Ba’deza begins. In Ottoman Turkish, Ba’deza meant originally "from now on".

While traveling in medieval central Asia with us, witness how experienced craftsmen placed great emphasis on the quality of the footwear, which should have a long lifespan. Appreciate how they processed comfortable and durable shoes made of high quality calf leather. And they did so only with hand stitches and an elaborate manual work which took years to learn.

From generation to generation, talented artisans passed on their knowledge and know-how and created shoes that have successfully preserved their historical roots and that are still handmade today in a manufacture focused on quality. Let yourself convinced by the quality and durability of this unique footwear.

Ba’deza stands for lightness, originality and style. We would like to share these qualities with the world and give you a feeling of uniqueness.

Ba’deza is more than just a shoe. Walking or running in Ba’deza brings you at the crossroad of traditional know-how and modern comfort.

Our product in detail:

Our shoe is a 100% handcrafted product and designed for you by shoe craftsmen in southeastern Turkey, in the province of Gaziantep. When manufacturing, they use the same hand stitch method that was traditional thousands of years ago. It takes several hours to make Ba’deza shoes, followed by a waiting period for the shape’s. Ba’deza captivates with its high-quality leather materials and the elaborate hand and stitch work behind it. Therefore, Ba’deza belongs to the luxury segments of the shoe market but is also affordable.

Our shoes consist of three different leather materials: calf leather on the outside, lamb leather on the inside and buffalo leather between the shoe and the sole of the shoe.

The threads are originally made of silk and were previously processed with beeswax into robust and resistant threads.

What we value: 

Our sole is a wholly natural product:

We use 100% natural rubber made of the milk of the Helvea tree from Spain. Milk extraction in no way weakens the tree, but rather strengthens its resistance.

All materials used in the production of  Ba’deza are purely natural materials.
The production facility has been family-owned for many years - the great-great-grandfather of our shoe craftsman Okan has already made shoes here.